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"The 1% cannot continue to take a plant used to criminalize us and develop corporate strategies to keep black and brown communities out of our industry. This handbook is a detailed curriculum for us to develop and implement strategies for our communities. By our communities."

- Marie Montamarquet, Co-founder of Marie's MD and Equity Operator

Social Equity Policy Advocacy Handbook By equity applicants, advocates, + operators WHAT IS IT?

It’s a first-of-its-kind, open-sourced baseline guide for organizations and individuals to effectively advocate for access-driven cannabis social equity programs in their local jurisdictions.

You must be in the rooms. You must be at the table


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"As a people, we have to take control of our narrative. It’s time for us to start reinvesting back in our communities and the only way to do that is to self-educate, organize, and mobilize. This handbook is a living document that we’re building best practices around, in order to create a more equitable future for our community."

- Kika Keith, Founder of Gorilla RX and LA License Operator


Everyone who wants to create an equitable and accessible environment for new cannabis markets.

Social Equity Applicants


Policy Makers


It includes policy recommendations, strategies for organizing, and nationwide data about social equity in the cannabis industry for BIPOC communities.


"Social equity programs around the country haven't delivered on their promises. The handbook takes a comprehensive approach from the experiences of cannabis operators to deliver an equity space in the industry for folks like myself."

- Nathan Bowles, Founder of Good Smoke Co and Long Beach Social Equity Applicant