Massachusetts Social Equity Program

The Social Equity Program (SEP) creates sustainable pathways into the cannabis industry for individuals most impacted by the War on Drugs, marijuana prohibition, disproportionate arrest, and incarceration. The free, statewide technical assistance and training program provides participants with education, skill-based training, and tools for success in the industry across four areas: entrepreneurship, managerial-level workforce development, re-entry and entry-level workforce development, and ancillary business support.


Private organizations

Equitable Opportunities Now

One of her main focuses now is EON (Equitable Opportunities Now), a non-profit that fights to preserve the equity provisions in Massachusetts cannabis laws. It is about creating equal opportunities for businesses and people looking to receive licenses for their cannabis companies/projects.

Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council

Established since the legalization of cannabis in 2017, Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council is a BIPOC, women, queer founded and cooperatively ran nonprofit that educates consumers on how to decolonize the weed and advocates for restorative justice for communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the War On Drugs.