In April 2021, Denver passed a series of city council bills establishing a social equity program. Amongst other provisions, it adopts the definition and criteria for Social Equity Applicants established by the Colorado legislature in House Bill 20-1424. 

Council Bill 21-0216

Council Bill 21-0217

Private Organizations

Black Cannabis Equity Initiative (BCEI)


BCEI is a community driven initiative of concerned black citizens and business leaders focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion opportunity in the Denver metro and Colorado’s cannabis industry. BCEI was created in 2019 to promote progressive sustainable dialogue, community engagement and action around fairness and opportunity in the statewide cannabis landscape.

Cannabis Impact Fund

Colorado groups, including kindColorado, Cannabis Doing Good and Sensible Colorado, are partnering on a new Cannabis Impact Fund effort to raise money in support of social and criminal justice organizations such as Black Futures Lab, The Bail Project, Color of Change and the Minority Cannabis Business Association. 

The Cannabis Impact Fund’s pillars are racial justice, environmental sustainability and community engagement. This new Impact Fund allows them to focus the next 12 months solely on racial justice efforts within and outside of cannabis, a privilege and opportunity they are excited to grow in partnership with our Founding Members, Pledge Partners and community donors.

CE Hutton

As more entrepreneurs and companies enter or expand into the cannabis space, they face the traditional business challenges of operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and market penetration. In addition, most don’t have an experienced team or tools needed to attract the capital needed to get started. Our team helps you summarize ideas, initiatives and activities aimed towards making your business better. This includes increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships, making strategic business decisions and assisting with capital raise support.

The Color of Cannabis

The Color of Cannabis was founded out of the urgent need to have more representation of minorities in the industry. Advocating openly, unapologetically, and responsibly for people of color to participate in the regulated market is work that cannot be neglected. The regulated cannabis industry presents an opportunity for minorities to build generational wealth and the community must be educated on the opportunities.

There is a negative stigma around the “social equity” applicant. The cannabis industry has many participants who never experienced growing up in neighborhoods where The Anti-Drug Abuse Act was enforced. These communities suffered violence, corruption, and policing that had, and still has no regard for the generational impact of mass incarceration. The industry tends to believe in the narrative that social equity applicants are poor people, under-educated, have a criminal background, and have no sense of business acumen.  The Color of Cannabis is focused on changing that narrative!