Established a fee waiver for social equity applicants and an incubation partnership program providing free rent for 3 years or technical assistance to social equity businesses


Article 16 of the Police Code, Article 8A and Article 33 of the Health Code, Chapter 96B, Section 10.100-162 of the Administrative Code


San Francisco Cannabis Equity Program

San Francisco Cannabis Equity Report

San Francisco Cannabis Regulation



Equity Sessions

Equity Session’s objective is to ensure that the Equity Program thrives in San Francisco by providing the foundation and framework needed for success. That includes ensuring that their equity applicants have access to business training, good jobs, safe funding, and strategic partnerships, as well as making sure that equity incubator businesses are connected to the community through various community outreach programs.

Supernova Women

Supernova Women is a women of color led non-profit organization with a mission to empower people of color to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis industry through education, advocacy, and network building. The organization was founded in 2015, and a national organization headquartered in Oakland, California.

Success Centers

Success Centers works to ensure that marginalized community members have opportunities to enter the cannabis industry. Our programs help employers and job candidates meet the equity mandate, as delineated in San Francisco’s legislation. Local and state policymakers are seeking to use the emerging cannabis industry as an opportunity for economic social justice, training people from communities of color in the skills required to be certified for work in the sector. Equity for Industry aims to be a model for other cities and jurisdictions throughout California.