CORE Program

The Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Equity (CORE) Program is a program created to assist individuals and communities who are facing barriers to starting cannabis businesses due to the historically disparate enforcement of cannabis crimes.  

Private organizations: 

Sacramento Asian-Pacific Chamber of Commerce Grow Green Program: 

The Sacramento Grow Green program provides training and support to individuals and communities who are facing barriers when trying to enter the cannabis industry due to the historical disparate enforcement of cannabis crimes. Their goal is to create pathways for diverse communities to be able to establish new cannabis businesses, have support during the transition of existing cannabis businesses into the legal market, and help connect individuals to job opportunities within the industry. 


Greater Sacramento Urban League GreenEquity Business Development Resource Center  

GSUL has an established history of enabling underserved communities and vulnerable populations secure economic self-reliance through advocacy, services related to workforce preparation, employment assistance, education and literacy, and economic development.