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"We worked on this whitepaper initiative to solve a problem that we were facing - how does one best evaluate an investment opportunity in a social equity cannabis business? What are the competitive advantages? By educating ourselves and our broader network of investors, we are breaking down barriers that shouldn’t exist."

- Helene Servillon, Founding Partner of JourneyOne Ventures

Investors’ Handbook On Empowering and Investing In Social Equity Businesses By investors, equity applicants, and advocates WHAT IS IT?

For investors, these social equity programs and businesses can be hard to navigate and diligence given that they differ by municipality and are ever evolving. We created this document to help shorten the learning curve for investors evaluating social equity businesses with the goal of driving more capital to social equity founders and businesses.


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"Access to capital is the single greatest hurdle for the successful implementation of social equity programs. Unfortunately, there are headwinds that come with the nuance of investing in founders who don’t hail from traditional founder backgrounds or pass the comfort check of being a family friend. That’s why the Social Equity Handbook is such an essential tool - it helps bridge the divide between social equity founders and the investment community to help both sides find financial returns and social impact can go hand-in-hand."

-Kimberly Dillon, Founder of Frigg




It includes nuances to investing in social equity businesses, how investors can add value beyond capital, the opportunity for investors, examples of predatory terms, and investor resources.


“As one of the first social equity applicants and brands on the Eaze menu and the first equity brand to reach a million dollars in sales, we were able to prove that when equity applicants are given the opportunity we can outperform.”

- Morris Kelly, Founder of SF Roots and Equity Operator